The company

BMB. was founded as an artisan enterprise in 1973 from the current CEO Vermiglio Bartomioli and over the years it has become a national reference point for the production of steel wire items, logistics, , handling of industrial goods and , merchandising..

During our forty-year period of activity we have developed hundreds of new products,, accumulating a wealth of experience. This has reulted in a team of highly specialized people able to understand the needs of the market and transform them into essential but at the same time functional products..

Our factory is located in the splendid Marche hills in the province of Fermo.. The company has 3 factories and 5 production units. The production lines use cutting edge technology, guaranteeing a large production capacity with high quality standards..


1973 - Foundation of the company

1997 New Headquarters
  • 1973 Foundation of the first iron wire processing company.
  • 1981 Starts B.M.B. s.n.c. in via Ete, 59
  • 1994 Transformation of the company into B.M.B. s.r.l.
  • 1996 Transfer to the new production site in via Ubrico 27 ​​/ a
  • 2000 Starts second production unit in via Ubrico 27 ​​/ a
  • 2004 Starts third production unit in via Ubrico 27 ​​/ a
  • 2008 Starts fourth production unit in via Ubrico 27 ​​/ a
  • 2014 Start fifth production unit in via Ubrico / 27a
2006 New expansion

The logo

1975 : logo bmb

logo bmb

1997 : 1° restyling

Logo bmb idee in filo

Present in the history of the logo can be found the evolution of bmb, , passing from the first version of the 1970s to a more modern and futuristic version of the 1990s up to the 2020 restyling carried out by the designer SUSANNA CICCHITTI. The identity of the logo is directed towards harmonious shapes. in line with the philosophy of the company's new products “The old “IDEE IN FILO” payoff is also back”.

2020 : 2° restyling

new logo bmb srl